Shelby is live!!

SHELBY, a Somnolence novella by Ali Lucia Sky is available now!

Everybody’s favorite rockstar side character is finally getting his happy ever after!!!

Tropes include:

💘 Friends to Lovers

💘 Fake Dating

💘 Forced Proximity

💘 Unrequited Love

💘 Rockstar Romance

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3TAxXtf

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/SomnGRSHELBY

Bookbub: https://bit.ly/SomnBBSHELBY


For Mina (Meek) Williams, her relationship with her best friend, Shelby Masterson, is one of unrequited love. She yearns for more, and being a Succubus means she sometimes slips into his dreamscape and takes it. The lies and transgressions are piling up, and the guilt is weighing on her.

There couldn’t be a worse time for Shelby and Mina to start a fake relationship, but it’s this or be used as puppets for their new publicity-hungry manager. But they will do anything to get control of the situation at hand.

It becomes confusing and convoluted once they start sharing kisses and a bed. Meek can’t tell what’s real and what’s fabricated. But she is very aware that Shelby plays a loving boyfriend to the T.

And if everything is looking up, then why is she still lying to him? Will she come clean in time to be his Valentine?💘


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