New children’s book out!

Just Like My Dad 2 by Elizabeth M. Johnson and Tyrell Plair came out January 25, and it has had some great traction so far. It has recently been added to the Barnes & Noble in West Melbourne, FL, and soon to be coming to many more B&N stores. This adorable book is about a baseball team made up of diverse children, some of which who have not so great backgrounds. Their coach becomes a role model for many of them, teaching them wise life lessons for any age and what it means to be a team.

The book is also dedicated to Pensacola’s first African American Major League Baseball Player, Mr. Johnny Joe Lewis Sr., who is Tyrell’s grandfather. This dedication tells a little about the life of Mr. Lewis and means a lot to Tyrell and his family.

Blurb: As the Braves prepare for the championship game, they are faced with some shocking news when it comes down to the last game of the season. The team struggles to find out who will play what position after the loss of one of their teammates. However, soon enough, the Braves learn it’s not about winning but coming together as a team.

Just Like My Dad 2 also explores the impact of fathers, both in and out of these kids’ lives. Father figures are everywhere, but how often can fathers become absent and other family members step in to fill the void?

That is the situation for many of these players. That is where Coach Carl and Coach Mike step in. For a lot of the players, they are the ones they look up to and lean on in the difficult times within their own families. Can these families reconnect through open communication and strengthen their bond?

Along everyone’s journey during the baseball season, can Coach Carl and Coach Mike prepare the team for an unbelievable game as they learn to stick together and find strength in each other?

Discover the power of teamwork, friendship, and overcoming adversity on and off the baseball field.