What is going on with me

What I’m working on now… and my story

I am about to start working on a set of books and correcting mistakes on it. That set is due to be released in October. I’m also working on doing edits for a book that is set to be released on November 20. I am so proud to be doing what I love, reading. I have always wanted to do something in the book community but never had the chance until I met Melissa Pearl. She writes under a few different names, depending on the genre. The first book I worked with her on was Paper Cranes. I did beta reading and proofreading for her before the book came out. I truly loved being able to discuss things with Melissa and helping her with her book. I was so proud of her when Paper Cranes became a Gold Medal winner of the 2020 Readers’ Favorite Award in Young Adult Romance. She wrote an amazing book that I recommend to everyone I know that reads YA books. From there, I continued to proofread more of her books. Eventually, I started working with Jo Wilde for several of her books. I proofread and edited 5 of her books. After that, I joined up with Ali Lucia Sky and have been on a wonderful journey with her. I decided I wanted to branch out and also do editing/proofreading for other authors as well. I truly enjoy it and it is the most calming part of my day when I can dig into a book and help make it what the author would like for it to be. Truly an amazing job to have. Much love to all the authors out there creating worlds that they have always wanted to put down on paper for others to enjoy!